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This debt thing continues to concern me, much like the amount of money in the market that's on margin (it is hitting bubble numbers, apparently, although I lack a link here). I'm pretty happy to be debt-free and buying on margin just isn't my thing.

Will be interesting to examine -- being distributed now

And this article makes much better sense of the whole Sigfreid & Roy thing. The Kitty was concerned about Big Hair, and has a poor understanding of the differences between human and tiger anatomy. I think this incident should help raise public awareness of an increasingly dangerous threat within our country: unlicensed Big Hair. There should be permits, with background checks. How many more people must be injured through Big Hair before the government acts?

We lost one and won the other game last night. It involved some spirited driving on my part, racing from Blawnox to (map approximate) Polish Hill. Considering traffic lights, and bridge, and stop signs, it is scary that I made it back in sub-15 minutes (just over 9 miles). My car sounded pretty happy, like when Corvis goes and runs around. The fuel tank, on the other hand... Anyway, the spirited driving continued a bit today, in a way that would make zkhan happy. A guy on motorcycle, in motorcycle gear, was right behind, and a postal truck was in front. Rounding a corner into two lanes, the truck went in one and I went to the other and gunned it. Full out acceleration, and the biker kept up. When we came to a red light, we stopped in different lanes, and I wasn't sure he had noticed that we had accelerated very quickly (not quite 0-60 in <6 seconds, but close). I guess he was catching his breath, cause 30 seconds later he looked over, gave me a thumbs up and a big grin. Then the light changed and we were off again. Yeah, I occasionally speed. Oh well, we can't all be perfect.

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