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Ok. Have two good apple picking recommendations. Going early tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure if anyone else is coming. Tracy says she will, and I've structured time around her because she's the most plausible. ommkarja insists she also wants to, but as she also just left leko's place a little while ago, and based on her ability to hand mornings, I give that a Neutral probability. And denorae, you said you wanted to go, but I have been unable to get in touch with you this evening -- call or email me if you are still interested. Offer still open to everyone else, naturally.

I think, particularly if it is just Tracy and I, I'll try to bring the dog. There is a chance they'll let him wander the farm, and that would be cool -- otherwise, he's gotten pretty ok with just curling up in the way back and sleeping. Not quite as nice as the couch (or my futon) at home, but probably not so bad.

Was over at leko's with ommkarja, [Bad username: bucy> and, naturally, <lj user=]. This was after a delicious large meal at Orient Kitchen, we went back and watched Gremlins 2 and Van Wilder. Yep. A bad throwback movie night. Gremlins 2 does not look as good as it is remebered. Before dinner we had our radio show, for which the last 10 minutes was filled with caller madness -- three calls, although we recognized the voices of all of the participants. Last week's caller, who wanted to talk about Duquesne Light dumping Agent Orange... he was great.

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