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Apple Picking didn't happen. Everyone bailed the morning of, and I was left with the deciding whether it was worth it for me. Whole Foods and the better GEagles has perfectly good apples. I was in it for the group experience -- whatever pricing and freshness differences would be cancelled by driving out solo, and not having a direct need for bushel quantity apples. Instead, I went to the attempted ultimate pickup in Greenfield, with the dog. After 45 minutes of the dog chasing me around and throwing with the few who showed up, we gave up. It was such a beautiful day, however, that I recruited bucy and ommkarja to make an afternoon of it at the park. From there, we coagulated with pericles42 and catwood for dinner (Alexander's) and bowling. I bowled a 123 (all-time best, clearly) (and then not so good the next game)! Still wound up, ommkarja and I ended the evening Catch Me If You Can, which I slept through the second half.

Today was a pretty physically excellent day. I got up, read some the Sunday Times, when for a run with the dog. Ran several miles -- I'm seeing dramatic improvements. Came back, showered. Went to breakfast, alone, at the Square Cafe, a hip new place in Regent Square. My friend, and teammate, Julie is now working there on Sundays, and so she was able to take care of me and recommend the excellent Breakfast Quesadillas. From there, I went and had a satisfying workout at the gym, because I hadn't lifted in over a week. From there, I came home and, trying to read the paper in bed, took a nap. Had a lovely conversation with my old friend Dhira on the phone. And then Tracy called -- when bailing from the Apple Expedition that wasn't, she declared she still wanted to go to a movie or coffee in the next few days. We trekked out to the low-cost movie theatre, smuggled in a bit of candy, and watched LXG. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it was a good time with her.

As a consequence of that, I failed to do the laundry, or the cleaning, that I had intended for this weekend. I also discovered, but am only now starting, one final homework assignment due tomorrow. Which I'd like to take care of, because I've got a certain dog walk planned for midday. The house will remain a mess til tomorrow or so -- Finals start on Wednesday, and I should certainly review both class materials. Especially Financial Accounting, which is closed note and promises to be substantially harder and more significant (50%?) for my grade than the previous exam. Wheee.

mdakin is pulling off a really impressive blog. I'll do a better writeup later.

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