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October 14th, 2003

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10:12 pm - General Shout-Out
Hi. There are people who have friended me that I don't know. That's fine, welcome. Who are you?
Current Music: Orbital - I Don't Know You People (Middle of Nowhere)

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Date:October 15th, 2003 12:17 am (UTC)

"allergic to cilantro"

hi. i think i found you through vzd. I saw that you had Hilarious Spam, dogs and cats living together, something about money, an occasional phrases like 'Dumpling Master', and local politics stuff. So I act on impulse, a hunch. I can't remember the last sentence I finished all the way. Pictures and impressions, mostly, since the accident. The city flies by, a mosaic of color and sound.
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Date:October 15th, 2003 08:09 am (UTC)

Re: "allergic to cilantro"

...found you through vzd...

Ah -- there's the link. I looked at your friends list and saw the only intersection was news... and if you were trolling by way of news, well... that would be weird. Because news doesn't list Friends Of.

Scanning briefly through your blog, you'd probably appreciate the robotics startup I'm involved in, with their excellent robot brains.

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Date:October 15th, 2003 02:35 pm (UTC)
nice robot brains you've got there!

my friend is building his robot out of a Vectrex.

my robot army will be controlled by a p.c. in the sky.

this guy built a tiny little robot.

i don't have much background in electronics (some), but some parts are going smoothly because my friend understands that wacky R=IV or whatever it is, and steers me clear of various risks. it's very cool what you can get in a single chip. ultimately i have to get some latches running off the parallel port and i anticipate some hassle there. but first i will sense tiny dots and determine their location and vector.

until we reign supreme,

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