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Poor decision making

Sent seth an email today, advising him that I woudl be unable to make the group meeting this week, on account of a final exam (2-5pm). I showed up about 5 minutes late, and they were amused. It was my decision making exam, which was open note, open book, and open network-detached laptop. I took my time, carefully going through it, doing what I knew, then going back over and verifying two ways, with citations, each of the answers (half of it was multi-choice). Then, for the couple that I wasn't convinced of, I went through and read all the lecture notes and supplimental, etc. Unfortunately, I had not installed a msword or ppt viewer, and so some information was unavailable. Having checked everything I could, multiple times, and acknowledged the tings I couldn't get, I decided my time would be better spent at group meeting. So I got up, and the room stared at me. The TA stared at me as I went to hand it in. I guess I was the first done, and glancing at the tests of people on my way out... they were just about half-way. Weird

After group meeting, I eventually headed over to Blawnox (Fall League Field #2) because I still had the key to the lights. Upon arrival, I was greeted from a distance by the entire group of players "Hey [Unknown LJ tag], come play frisbee". One of the teams, a team we beat last week, had only 5 men and 1 women... and the other team was willing to let them play 6-1 if I wanted to play. So play I did -- they were out of most of their good players, so I was a handler and a star (and played pretty well). And because it was such a good game, I played it through... despite a game at 8:30 at Polish Hill (Fall League Field #1). Because my team generally has good numbers, so I figured I could rest when I got there. The team I was playing with led most of the game (which is something, cause the other team had a near full roster, and a better record), but lost in the end. Which is probably better for us, from a playoff strategy perspective, but I certainly didn't try not to win and was disappointed when the other team won 12-11.

Ha. There were 6 men and 3 -- picked up 1 -- women on my real team. So I had to play the majority of the second game, against a team that was probably better -- and certainly faster -- than us. We lost, 15-7, in probably the longest game of any blowout (almost 2.5 hours). My performance was a testament to my zealous workout regimine -- used to be one savage game would kill me.

However, two games that way, after a stressful exam, leaves me an exhausted wreck. I'm typing at quarter-speed, and have an unwalked, irritated dog, and haven't eaten. Can barely keep my eyes open, and my feet are clearly blistered. Did I mention I have a closed-book, seriously hard exam tomorrow, worth 50% of my grade that I haven't studied for? Playing this much ultimate was a demonstrate of poor judgement (like the leaving the studying to the last minute isn't enough). I'm gunna try to rally enough to care for my dog and my body and get sleep. G'night.

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