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Don't really want to talk about the exam yesterday. It was the first time, or first in a long time, where my brain quit. About two hours into it, it just shut off. Which is a real problem in a long three hour exam (everyone took at least that long) full of numbers, with deviously tricky multiple choice problems (and other sorts of nasties). I'm not sure lack of studying will have played a role in my performance. I studied enough that I didn't have problems recalling any of the ratios or rules. And I don't have the study ethic that even with an extra day I would have done sufficient sample problems that the tricky bits wouldn't still have been been tricky. I would have benefitted most from running back to my office to get my calculator rather than spending the 10 minutes studying -- lots and lots of long division and algebraic calculations.

We have our radio show in 3 hours (6-7pm EST). Please consider calling, our show is better that way. 412-621-WRCT off-campus, listen over the air at 88.3FM, over the web at Call with an argument, opinion, question, or factoid. Otherwise it will be more Verisign and SCO news, with bits on electronic voting, the new online music store offerings, and maybe some stuff we make up.

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