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Spam of the Week -- Quote Blender! - dmv/blogs/lj — LiveJournal

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October 20th, 2003

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10:48 pm - Spam of the Week -- Quote Blender!
This is, for whatever reason, not the first time that I've seen Hitchhiker quotes riding at the bottom of Spam. But this one, well, it is a blending of several hitchhiker punchlines, with some other stuff.

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 00:47:52 -0700
From: Feeling Great <feelingkpl@bullsfan.com>
To: dmv@transient.net
Subject: Repair of cells and metabolic functions

Time to lose some weight dmv, Today is Monday, October 20 2003

Experience up to an 82% improvement in
body fat loss while erasing 10 years in 10 Weeks!


To modify from any future correspondence:

The employers were also asked to list the "most unusual" questions that have been asked by job candidates. `Yes,' said
Arthur, `yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on
the door saying "Beware of The Leopard".'" Applicant interrupted interview to phone her therapist for advice on how to
answer specific interview questions.,`Very deep,' said Arthur, `you should send that in to the "Reader's Digest". They've
got a page for people like you.'" "Does your health insurance cover pets?" `You ask a glass of water.'"

For those familiar with the Guide, this should be amusing. For the rest, perplexing. I guess these kinds of things avoid spamtraps by adding conversation, although I'm not sure why they don't just yank passages from books -- do they think things like Spam Assasin will develop hooks into Project Gutenberg, and the underground e-text movement?

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