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More on the Ukraine.

I was pretty sparse last night. Apparently my Dad was convinced to take a team of students, in December, to do an interesting project in Kiev, Ukraine. This is from a program that has previously sent him to New Delhi and Manila. And my mother, because she likes to travel with him. And my sister, because her trimester college has a similar schedule to Dartmouth and has her home from Thanksgiving to New Years. Both of those previous trips were torture devices for me -- sending me emails while I was in the midst of CMU hunting season (finals). Last year, there was no trip, it looked like the good times had dried up... even this year.

But now that I'm not in the midst of Finals, I get the invite as well. Do I want to spend time in Kiev, Ukraine -- and the various other locations from which that is convenient? My dad has to supervise students, but actually is paid pretty well for doing so, and still can find time for some travel. Mother and Sister (both immediately on board, of course) have no such restrictions. My Dad will likely fly out the Saturday after Thanksgiving, cause the project starts the next Monday. My family will probably take a couple more days before travelling.

And to make the whole situation more ridiculous (I am really not whining), we all have to be back In Country on the 21st. Because we fly out the 22nd for the Vogel Clan vacation, returning to the USA December 30.

There are certainly major complications: I have a job, and a dog, and so on. My classes ended last week, but more start up this week, which I should take if I remain MBA curious/ambitious -- there is pre-req hell, which I was avoiding loosely following a program. But Finals for GSIA mini-2 are 13-17 December. As of now, I've decided to skip out on classes, and hope to keep myself sufficiently overloaded with other matters for the next month.

I have a job, but I suspect leave would not be hard. I even worked out today that with the generous PTO benefits, I can basically do it all at full pay. I probably have to secure permission from seth, when he is next in town, or at least, should... but I don't harbor illusions that I am mission critical in any way.

And then there is the dog. Won't take him -- way too risky and stressful for too little benefit. Last year I hired a grad student to come by take care of him. I could try to make similar arrangements, or see whether Misty Pines has space in early December... still, that's a lot of money. My parents haven't figured out what they are doing with Katy, either. They still have arrangements to have Corvis and Katy taken care off at a Doggie Day Care center in VT for the week of the Vogel Clan vacation... all these logistics are complicated. I was to drive with him to Boston and Vermont for Thanksgiving, and then drive back to Vermont and fly out with them at the end of December. Oh, and I probably can't just lock and leave my apartment for the month in December, huh?

Figuring out where Corvis stays, and where/when I fly in and out of is making my head hurt. But I get the reenforced sense from everyone that if possible I should take advantage of this opportunity, and I agree.

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