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...and the inevitable followup post to explain the previous. The logistics of doing Thanksgiving with the family becomes complicated in the context of the Ukraine. If I were to proceed with the previous plan, it would be this:
Drive to New York to get grandparents, or Boston, with Corvis (alone). Thanksgiving in Boston, drive to Vermont, spend the weekend. Drive back to Pittsburgh with Corvis (alone) -- or leave Corvis. Either fly to Ukraine from Pittsburgh, or drive back to Vermont a week later (with Corvis). If flying to Ukraine from Pittsburgh, return to Pittsburgh and drive to Vermont, with Corvis, alone, to fly to Caymans out of Manchester (tickets already purchased). Upon return from Caymans, drive back to Pittsburgh with Corvis, alone.

Regardless of how I slice that, it is at least 2800 hurried miles alone with the dog and New England roads. I'm fine with driving, but that just seems... excessive. Heck, with the requisite oil change and fuel efficiency, that's probably order of $200 without considering car wear or personal aggrevation (which is likely higher for me than the money). As my dad proposed that maybe I consider not coming to Thanksgiving (which reduces it to a single roundtrip), it was noted that there wouldn't be much loss -- I would see my close family a week later, and the whole extended Clan in three.
The other option to consider, it occurs to me, is to try taking yet another week off (the week between Vermont and Ukraine). I could probably even head to the Ukraine early with my dad, leaving Corvis in the care of my mom. That seems even more decadent than as I had planned -- that's a situation where I leave work around 24 November, and return in 2004. Still haven't talked to seth about any of this.

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