dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Free Screenings are Fun

I did not see the Human Stain. In a sort of melancholy state, I arrived, late, dubious of whether this was a good movie to see. Instead of finding the tickets, someone gave me their passes to see "In The Cut". Which frankly I wanted to see more -- an interest that I doubt I would have paid money for, but it seemed appealing. Sensual thriller, I suppose would be the appropriate category. It both inflated and deflated the mood I was in. It is distinctly not bad, but I don't imagine there are many who read my journal who would be interested (it was not a genre-busting good film). The best part was the audience -- just who would go to this particular screening... old people. Old people who apparently did not bother to read a summary of the film, the highly charged sexual content, gruesome murders, etc. The quote of note after the film "well, that's the last free screening I go to". Folks, free movies are only worth it if you are a general movie buff (me) or are familiar with the principles and materials. Should be obvious.

Now off to bake pies.

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