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November 5th, 2003

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03:53 pm - Needles
Got a flu shot. Cause it was free, and I couldn't see why not.

Nurse: Ok, just relax the muscle. I know it is hard to relax with a needle coming, but...
daemonv: Um, no, its cool. My mom's an acupuncturist.
Nurse: (jab) Oh wow!
daemonv: Yeah, needles... I know needles, they don't bug me
Nurse: Totally. I've had treatments. I'm a believer...

And so on. Apparently many heroin junkies have needle phobias. I probably would have not gotten the shot today if we had not forfeited our game for this evening; last year it left my shoulder a bit sore (the whole big needle into deltoid thing), and coupled with potential wooziness would be a bad scene for a hard frisbee game. As it is I'm unoccupied and without Matrix tickets. Oh no. Whatever will become of me.

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