dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Weekend, in short:

Friday after TIA we went to Master and Commander. It was good. And fun to see the Galapagos featured. I recognized some of the locations. The special effects were very well integrated. It almost seemed effects lite, until you saw the list of effects companies that had roles in the making of it, and considered just how some of those scenes could actually have been done. And attention and story kept on a single ship -- neat.

Saturday played Pickup for about 3 hours, and then took a nap. Dinner of Zaws, which I had not had in ages. Then escorted Bucy to Isildur's Vax party... I'll write more about that later.

Sunday I tackled some things, wiring and whatnot, that I had neglected for too long. This included getting the radio in the dining room mostly operational, and then getting my FM transmitter hooked up again. Radio Transient is back.

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