dMv (daemonv) wrote,

On Doctors...

I might as well be a Christian Scientist, except for that whole lack of faith in God thing. And the science degree, and the dogma that follows.

This is relevant because apparently my diphtheria vaccination has lapsed, and the vaccination is heavily suggested for travel to Kiev.

Why has it lapsed, and why is this a problem? Chatting with my mom, apparently she has all my medical records until I went to college. That she doesn't have any since is telling... because I've never seen a doctor in Pittsburgh. The whole of my Pittsburgh medical experience has been the two free flu shots I've received free at the Benefits Fairs, the fMRI experiment, and my one chiropractic appointment. Which I haven't followed up on, because I have some belief that my neck problems developed as a result of my correction. As trurl reminds me, I have had the premium CMU healthcare benefit with UPMC for 15 months now (and at $30/mo out of pocket...). It comforts me to have but not to use. Or something like that.

I also have the premium dental coverage, and last saw a dentist sometime in 2000 I believe... I don't want to get into it.

This is not new behavior for me. In my 3 years at CSW I didn't even know where the heath center was until my car accident, and only then because they insisted that I go (2 hours later... school insurance reasons). I'm only vaguely aware of where the CMU one is, and that's just cause I've gone to pick up drugs with a friend... err, wait, that's Psychological services, eh? Hmmm.

So yeah, I guess I have about three or four busy holiday workdays to find a source of diphtheria shot. Hmmm.

No, this is not a behavior based on faith in my healing ability. I'm just willing to put up with crap -- the bad flu of a couple of weeks ago, my neck sprain that still gives me some trouble, the bad fall on the ice last winter that compromised my mobility, misc. ear infections, and so on. I'm comforted to know that in the event of something bad, I've got great health coverage -- internationally, even. But the whole voluntary and preventative care... bah.

Time to call bucy for advice, I guess.

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