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There are few things as productive as heavy procrastination. I had a lot of work to do for work this weekend, because seth wanted a demo of the system I've been working on for the last while. A system that still remains largely in my head, where it isn't doing anyone much good. So, I did a bit of work, but a lot of other things. Like yesterday, when it was 70s and sunny, I continued my sweeping of the house. Then I filed all the paperwork I had accumulated since I've lived in this apartment (20 months, approximately) and cleaned out my bedroom -- to the extent of a trashbag I couldn't easily lift. And that was just before noon. I added an intense workout, two dinners at fuel & fuddle, a romp in the park with the dog, and a campus porn.

And so today there was no demo. Because the paper I've been occasionally tasked to work on last week is due in about an hour. This morning girish had a script, that got more and more involved, that he needed me to write. And then seth just came back with his young son, to work on the paper. So I was handed off the son, buy biscotti and play foosball with. Yeah. So no demo today. Which is good, because it still isn't there.

Gotta keep motivated. Now, personally, I wouldn't want to deploy and depend on a new email service for which the author is immediately leaving the country for a prolonged period. I mentioned that in my email asking for leave to go. But apparently he wants to start it this week. So I'll probably do the "ethical" thing and depend on it for my email as well. It should be stable... once it exists. Bear with me, if I'm tough to reach for the next month or two.

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