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In classic daemonv fashion, I remembered to bring my winter coat to Vermont... but not onto the plane. Ironically, that ski jacket was one purchased at Whistler a couple of years ago when I forgot to bring a winter coat on that trip. Anyway. The point is that I've been in Ukraine -- and soon to Moscow -- in December, with nothing more than a fleece and a fleece hat. And the snow.

We took this as a bit of an adventure, my dad wanted to get me a fur coat. Because I'm not all that cold, but I make my parents feel cold looking at me. And because they have really nice jackets around here for what we suspected to be reasonable prices.

Moreover, we were looking for a reputed fur/animal market. Because we're also looking for good fur hats for folks such as ourselves. After much exploring, and getting lots of help from innocents randomly recruited, we made it to a market. And I did walk away with a lovely faux-fur (we presume) coat that is snug warm, will give the texture folks enjoyment, and looks pretty cool (and very non-US). Once I abandon the purple fleece hat and keep my mouth shut, I begin to blend in.

Which is only semi-desirable. As an American, I've received many nice Looks from some of the beautiful women. They all dress so well. And the slavic features... eyes... anyway.

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