dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Language Failures

So... this has been quite an experience so far (still writing up more, offline, and haven't gotten the laptop online -- lots of pretty gold pictures, etc). But this is a call for help (and amusement for the rest of you).

Where do you buy duct tape in Kyiv?

We've had reasonable success doing the things that we need to -- get by in restaurants, hitching rides, finding attractions. Our biggest challenges, it turns out, are solving the simple domestic issues of living in a foreign city. Our first big obstacle was buying eggs (now I'm hunting for bread). Vodka, chocolate, no problem... eggs? But that's been solved.

On the flight over, the crate was damaged, and needs to be repaired with epoxy or duct tape. As an amusement, try to describe duct tape to someone without using any particular bits of language like "tape". We've now lost several hours roaming through stores and confusing innocents hunting. Given up on hardware store as a concept, even having the Russian and Ukrainian words for it. My next solution will be to try to dig up an art supply store around the University... that seems plausible.

Tonight we're going to the Dynamo vs InterMilan (Champions League futbol) game, which should be great fun (it starts at 9:45pm). We bought the best tickets available (almost $10/person I think). It is going to be not warm.

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