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We took the Metro today. Amazingly precise and regular; also, super confusing without knowing the language and the layout... the graphical subway maps are only on the trains themselves. Most of the stations are dramatically bare of anything on the walls. On the walls of both waiting areas, the same oriented pseudo-map. But we figured it out, and the fact that we were on two overlaping stations, and that the color of the trains did not indicate the trainline... and yeah, took the train to the University. (I really should figure out how to activate the cyrillic portion of this keyboard, my successes would be far more impressive looking, out of translation).

Found packing tape in a paint store near the University.

Haven't heard anything from Danielle since she learned that Friday (tomorrow) is a Russian holiday. Which is when the breeder was going to meet me at the airport and then go do the Customs thing. So, they were going to wire her the money to do it before. I don't know if that has happened. I don't know much at all, and have an 8am flight to Moscow tomorrow. Whee! Assuming we can get near it, the Kremlin should be pretty safe post-bombings, at least. Love it when the local and BBC news cover the same local events.

By Saturday afternoon, the dog should be on a flight to JFK. This will all be over then. Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh.

Dynamo lost last night, in a tight and low scoring game. We left about 5 minutes before the game was over, for our safety. There were a lot of people there. There were a lot of drunk people there. Passionate, cold, drunk people there. There was also a far greater police presence than we'd previously seen at a futbol match; at first, I thought it was mostly because they were wearing uniforms (acting like ushers) to see the game from the good seats for free. When we left, there was a line of soldiers in riot gear. We got out of there pretty quickly.

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