dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Back in the US of A

It is bedtime, I think. Now. Finally. We arrived in VT around 9pm EST. As predicted, I was the only one awake enough to do the majority of the driving from Boston. Our flight got in around 4 (EST), and then an hour at customs, and then some social chat with my aunt and uncle who had held my car (which they approved of, especially with the snow) when we got to JP. We departed from Amsterdam around 2 (-6 from EST). We arrived in Amsterdam around 10 (-6 from EST). We departed Kyiv around 7 (-7 from EST). To get to the airport, our cab was at 5 (-7 from EST). With packing, and my family, this means we had to be up at 4.

At CMU I learned that it is often easier to see 4am from the other side; and my dad's students agreed. Friday, yesterday, was their final presentation, through which they had worked through most of Thursday night. Friday night was a celebration party... and then we (the students + I + and one of the clients) decided to make a night of it. So I stayed up the whole night, leaving the dance club (named, appropriately, "opium") we were at, at the time, around 3:45 to catch a cab. Previous to dancing (did I mention the population here is astonishing?) I was introduced to Russian billiards, and snooker. And did a bit of gambling, doubling my $30 pile at the blackjack table.

At CMU, I never experimented with the "see 4am from the otherside" recipe of dancing, drinking, gambling, and shooting pool (not necessarily in that order). It is less desirable, although the time passes in a much more pleasant way. I slept as much as three hours on the flights. And yeah, despite the 40 hour class uptime, I was still the most alert to drive back. And it is only now catching up with me.

But catching up with me it is. Time to sleep, so I can do something with my stopover day in the United States. We fly out early Monday morning.

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