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It is not worth skipping a vacation over, right?

Now is when I most need to be posting to LiveJournal, but... can't.

When I posted last, I was full of enthusiasm -- I got to see corvisdog in the morning! I was up by 7:30, and to make it a reasonably possible hour, the whole family went to a big breakfast and went to go get our kids. I've missed Corvis a lot, in part because I was nervous about how he'd put up with a daycare environment when he was already pretty tense with Katy No-Pockets. Katy is my parents' beautiful, young, large Ridgeback puppy who, in the tradition of many rural, homeschooled kids, doesn't speak dog all that well but loves dogs. Corvis appreciates a bit of personal space, especially around me. Anyway, mid-trip I had emailed the daycare for a status update, and I was told they were both doing really well and that although occasionally cranky, Corvis was getting along with everyone.

When we arrived, Amy (daycare operator) told us she had been in the processes of calling to let us know it might not be a good idea for us to come get Corvis. That she was in the process of getting dressed to take him to the vet clinic, and the stress of seeing me as well might be a bad idea. Take him to the Vet clinic. Instead, we took him, and took him to the super clinic that my mother really likes -- premium, with a reputation for poor human bedside manner but phenominal canine care. I can at least attest to the canine bit. I'm still a bit too shocked to comment on their human relations, which were pretty good.

So, what happened? In the previous days, Corvis had been getting progressively more and more cranky. And taking it out, at least in part, on Katy (they were the only dogs staying overnight, or on weekends). Apparently the evening before, he had pinned Katy (my dad: He can pin Katy? Woah) in a way that Amy felt questionable. So she reached over to pull him off. In full fit mode, Corvis spun back and bit her (broke skin, I believe). Startled, who knows (this kind of thing comes with the teritory of dog sitting and pulling dogs apart)... her pain was transmitted to her dog, who went in to defend his owner's honor. Her dog being a rather large Rottweiler. who bit Corvis on his front left leg, just below the elbow joint, breaking the skin. Amy put Corvis in a kennel, and seeing the wound was not so large, decided to take him in in the morning.

And naturally, Corvis licked the wound all night, so it wasn't a small wound in the morning. Although apparently given the nature of the serious infection, and deep tissue damage from the multiple puncture points.... Aagh. So we took him home wearing the t-shirt Amy had put on him to keep from getting to his leg. And took him to the clinic where he underwent treatment. My mom took me to a Return of the King matinee to try to distract me while he was anaestitized and stitched. When we returned, the doctor wanted to keep him overnight for observation, so my one night at home with the dog was instead a night of low sleep for me worrying about him.

And what to do with him. He had several drains put in his leg, for the deep tissue below-skin damage. And the rapid infections and swelling had the doctor put him on 2 serious antibiotics. And was wearing a plastic cone so he didn't disrupt the drains and stitches. And he had been walking with a limp, from pain and being unable to put too much weight on the leg. Clearly, he would not be able to go romp with the other dogs for the next week while I was away. And yet, we couldn't just leave him at home because he should be monitored... and the house is up a steep driveway, and if we had snow it was likely that the people who would be convinced to visit him a couple times a day would be unable to get to him. Amy, feeling terrible at this point, wanted him to come back -- he would stay in her bedroom, with private access to the outside. She's very good with dogs, has experience with drains, etc...

So we left him with her, after he spent the day with me (and some with Katy)... at least an hour or two asleep on my lap. He seemed to be in better shape after the doctors.

Anyway, I felt terrible that this happened, and terrible that I was leaving him again. I even had the notion to stay home and care for him, but I suspect that the collective wisdom of livejournal would still have encouraged me to go to the Caymans for the week. I hope.

The bandwidth here is dreadfully slow, but I've managed to get iPhoto to import and export my pictures, and generate a page for my Katy & Corvis pictures. Perhaps moscow pictures (without annotation) will make it as well. I'll continue to work on these from the Caymans, and figure out some better way to upload them when I return. But you can at least see Katy, and pre- and post-op Corvis.

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