dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Early to rise... early to, well, no.

I did not adequately prepare, sleep-wise, for a so-called "all night" tournament. Because after leaving Vermont, late (after 4pm), I grew tired and elected to sleep in a lovely Super 6 motel on the way back to Pittsburgh. So, as I have been doing so for the past week or so, I was up at 7, on the road before 8. Corvis was a champ. He seemed pretty eager to get back to the Burgh.

And when I got back to Pittsburgh, did I sleep -- of course not. I dutifully arrived at registration for the tournament at 10pm... yeah, first hint. I just got home. The sun was kind enough to not have risen when we emerged from the dome... it saved that pleasure for the drive back.

The team I was on, Fly, did very well. I'm not used to being on winning teams, and yet we won the first pool by large margins, and then the same with the second pool. So, when power rankings kicked in to position us in the playoffs, we came up as #2 -- undefeated, and #1 had had a tie, but they had better numbers or something. And then we proceeded to roll through the playoffs, losing our lead only in the last 10 minutes of the Finals. So I got a spiffy new t-shirt from the event, with silver "Finalists" on the back. Only the top two teams, and the spirit team, got shirts -- and I honestly think the shirt thing motivated some of my teammates.

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