dMv (daemonv) wrote,

No accumulation my ass

Reminder that I should take pictures of my new bedroom layout. Actually, once I finish Operation Throw-Everything-Away I should take a whole spread, to see how sparse I actually live. There is now almost nothing in my bedroom: a futon with pillows and blankets; a desklamp on the ground by the futon, a book and magazine or such; a trashcan; and a food bowl for corvis (will be replaced with his crate in the near future). The walls are blank, white, I think the ceiling bulb is bare. It is very calming to me.

I distinctly recall hearing on the radio friday and today that there would be snow, but no accumulation. I do not think they are using the same accumulation definition I am. There was definately at least an inch on Friday. Tonight it is at least 3 inches, but probably more. I should know. I just finished clearing around my entire building (making up for not having previously participated in this activity this winter). Quite a workout, but the snow, while plenty of it, was light. So I got to use my ninja snow sweeping technique -- all stealth, quiet, and a better workout for the lats and triceps.

And now I go to sleep. There is progress to be made at work tomorrow, before the group meeting, if possible.

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