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April 19th, 2002

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09:45 am - Misc
So... buggy is going on outside. An interesting bit of "culture", that. Rather slow, frankly, although I guess safety requires some consideration. And its amazing how inflated egos get once you have something that some people put time into. That is, the WRCT folks are smug and condescending to a level previously unattainable outside a VC office, and only because the greek kiddies...

woz spoke on campus yesterday. I just got majorly derailed in the process of verifying woz's address: woz -> jobs -> pixar (related to discussion with bucy; pixar history) -> next film + competition -> why Toy Story 2 doesn't count as one of the Pixar-Disney 5 -> PIXR stock/market -> Pixar-Disney DLP demo -> DLP cinemas -> how DLP MEMS are manufactured. And then I came back to Livejournal. Feh. Its amusing to reconstruct a research trajectory. Its why I really should avoid computer clusters on "vacation" (mode, at least).

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