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Interview by maryneedssleep

Interview by maryneedssleep. Is it that obvious that I'm taking a break from work?

1. You've traveled to a lot of wonderful sounding places. What was your favorite place, and what was your favorite trip, and why? If you could go anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do? Assume that money is of no concern but the current limits of technology and business apply (i.e., the planet Mars is not a practical destination).

I have a hard time separating place and trip -- I think I understand the distinction, but many of my impressions the two are inextricably blurred. Or may it is just a poor working definition of favorite. In any event, a place I definately feel like I would like to return to, to see if the power was temporal or spacial, is Taos NM. It is not necessarily somewhere I would like to live -- although NM is lovely -- but as a place to go. But a lot of the sensation was tied up in my trip with my father.

Perhaps my favorite trip was England in 1998, travelling with reticello -- Glastonbury festival, etc. So much of that was an adventure. I guess in talking with kiad lately I've realized that almost all of my travelling is accompanied, and I guess I have particularly fond memories for the trips where the group has been minimized to two. Which makes me suspect that maybe I would be OK travelling alone.

2. Do you think you'll end up with an MBA and/or enter the field of computational biology professionally?

Computational Biology -- ha ha. I guess it looks like the MBA is inevitable, and that's just such a strange concept I don't want to address it. Five years ago I would have laughed at you for suggesting such a concept. I guess I may leverage my bio, chem, or cs domain specific passions with such a credential. Or not.

What characterstics would make a particular job or career path appealing? Or would you prefer to have a variety of short-term careers?

The goal is to find the occupation that is as comfortable as a lack of occupation. As I've cited in the past, as the rationale for my very short-term focused perspectives on job, its modelled after my parents. Each has had a variety of short-term careers. At some point it became clear to my dad what he was really passionate about doing -- teaching -- and the joy he takes in what he does is obvious to all. I am happy to try a variety of things -- obviously, given my diverse background -- but not opposed to getting "taken" either. I just never hope to persevere in the wrong job because of the relationship to my career.

3. Every time I see Corvis, he seems more calm and stable than before. How do you think Corvis will change over time? Do you think he'll eventually calm down enough that he'll be comfortable with male acquaintances the first time they visit your house?

He will continue to mellow, and that will be only partially my responsibility. Providing him wih a stable loving environment helps. Its a toss-up, though, whether he'll age into being more laid back or more cranky. He'll become more manageable as he grows older and less capable -- he may still feel intruded upon, but less inclined to do something about it. I suspect that the introduction of another, younger dog -- the right other dog -- will help break that down, if he feels in control but can conceed his role as Director of Homeland Security. Or someone who won't respect him and can make that stick.

But yes, the set of men he finds acceptable continues to increase. There may end up being a specific type of man he will never feel comfortable around. But last year he couldn't stand my dad (in VT) at all; this year, he was awful affectionate. And I haven't had any problems lately with visitors stopping by (chris, brian).

I think I made a mistake having a party the day after I brought him home. And yet not.

4. What kind of music do you enjoy? How does your anser compare to 5 or 10 years ago? Favorite bands? Anything you've discovered recently?

10 years ago I was almost a year into my guitar training (yes, I played guitar for at least 5 years). At that time my influences were mostly the early post-Grunge reaction, although Nirvana (fan since just about the release of Nevermind) and the like were still critical 5 years ago my run with music was over; after my band dissolved, I mostly stopped listening to music. I had an appreciation and context for a lot of electronic (Autechre, Orbital) from my computer context, an appreciation for music sophisticated in creation (Spem in Alium, Brubeck), and lingering "alternative" (mostly Boston-based: Throwing Muses, Kustomized). But I didn't, and still don't, listen to very much music anymore.

I don't really know what happened. I will now put on music for moods -- Elliot Smith, PJ Harvey, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Amon Tobin, Pixies -- and to zone out -- various electronic/trace -- but only if I think about it (infrequently). I listen to music in the car, but listen to everything -- the radio stays on seek most of the time. That hasn't changed much in 5 years.

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