dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Arrogant Bastard

As I was driving to campus today, I heard a weird whining sound from the left rear. Mostly at speed -- more a vibration, not high frequency. I drove to campus, passing numerous car places and large parking lots, where I should have pulled over to investigate the cause of the sound. I thought about it, but figured I'd examine it at campus -- probably the rear door was ajar, from one of Corvis' entrances this morning.

Yep. The rear tire is really low and really warm to the touch when I pulled into the garage. Idiot. At least it has not yet exploded, although who knows what kind of damage I added to it. I'd really like it not to be flat, just low, but that seems unlikely.

Now I have meetings and whatnot, and then have to figure out whether it is worth driving a bit more on it to save the hassle of changing the tire. I suspect it will become more evident in the two or so hours that I will just let it sit.

Recommendations on where I should have it fixed? Or to get a new tire... err, g'damn AWD, tires? I was planning to go skiing tomorrow. Or otherwise use my car in the next couple of days.

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