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I submit my Valentine's Day as evidence of the lack of Real-World Karma.

Consider what I did for Valentine's Day:
  • Worked on mending the faction splits in my Managing Organizations group
  • Did volunteer work for the American Heart Association
  • Had fresh high-end chocolates arrive for my sister on V-Day, unsolicited and unannounced. Had them shipped as a thank you gift for making a generous donation to West Virginia Public Radio (on top of my even more generous support of WDUQ).

  • In exchange I got a flat tire, causing me to have to spend significant money replacing my tires. Which would have been fine, better even, if I wasn't going on an expensive ski vacation/wedding in a couple of weeks.

    Anyway, my tires arrive and will be installed tomorrow. I ordered a set of 4 Continential ContiExtremeContact tires, which seem to be held in high regard on the various rex forums. A balanced tradeoff between dry performance, snow performance, and tire life. We'll see. At this point I'm just happy to soon be able to guilt-free drive my car again (I've discovered that I live too much JIT, which results in having to compromise my desire to minimize wear on the spare versus commitment to be elsewhere).

    Final on Thursday that I haven't even considered studying for yet. That's not true -- I did consider studying when Tracy called me out for coffee. I was just distracted. Today, in our last class, we learned why Merck is not evil.

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