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In my last update, there was an imminent birthday party. That has passed -- it went very well. The beer selections I made were well received, I got to try an ice wine, and I think people got a kick out of meeting Vanya "the Horse". He's looking good.

Sunday was a blah day, but it started off a fairly decadent week. We went out to Alexander's, and then played pool -- catwood is a good player, which made the whole thing more pleasant (and we'll do more in the future). Monday, my group meeting was cancelled, and so I invited Danielle out to campus to help her resolve some dog registration foo, and we went to a lovely long lunch at Orient Kitchen. Tuesday night I trekked out with robograds to Quaker Steak, which was overfull, so we fell back to Ausom Aussies (best ribs in Pittsburgh) and ended up going out for more pool as a stress release for bucy. That's an unsustainable $20+/meal burnrate.

Wednesday, Chris returned and had the results of several orders placed on Monday -- parts for our Othello project testboard. So after a late dinner, I stayed at the club to work with Chris on the board. Which turned into a minor fiasco when it was discovered the board had used the wrong 44-pin chip layout for the microprocessor. This meant that to get the microprocessor to work, we either had to pay to have another board made and wait a week... or...

And other images and movies
We were done by 2am -- and it worked just about the first time. And the tests mostly passed.

Yesterday I got Tracy out to try my Pilates class. Attendance has been sparse over Spring Break, although as I suspected, most of the regulars are not students. Anyway, the consequence was not only was this her first time, but it was one of the more advantanced classes cause it started before she arrived (and the classes are tailored to the ambient skill-level. "I didn't expect it to be that hard... I mean, I expected it to be hard, but not really hard".

And now I've been up for hours and hours without getting up. I thnk I dread the conclusion that they will or will not be trying to rewrite a recently unfairly rejected paper for a conference deadline of Monday. It would be good if they were because it means I know what I'd be doing for the weekend, and wouldn't need to feel too bad about not doing too much work this week; bad because there goes my weekend doing not terribly inspiring stuff.

Sorry for the boring entry. I'll write more real content someday.

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