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Party People

Friday we heard from the herd, and its been a blur since. Specifically:
Thursday. lange showed us the joy that is Pro Fitness. We saw Seattle, and then caught a bus to Vancouver. Pretty basic.

Friday. Having no contact, we set off to make the most of it. We went to the aquarium, and satisfied some miscellaneous shopping needs. Then we went and got seriously excellent massages, with reservations for an elite little sushi shop. Missed that, when we finally made contact. Went to the majorly disorganized dinner thing, which had the benefit of serious bonding (and drinking) on the return. I drank more that night than Dave has seen me do so, cumulatively, since he's known me.

Saturday. Which didn't stop me from being up and getting a full run and workout (such as the facilities allow) before 9. No effects of any of it. It was a morning wedding ceremony. And very nicely done, on the UBC campus, with one of Greg's good (ULC-ordained) friends presiding. The actual event was very short and tasteful. Well done.

Debauchery continued throughout the afternoon, except in our room where... well, ok, so I had two girls sleeping with me in bed. Evening was a large dinner followed by more fun, both nights having resulted in keeping the particular bar open at least an hour or two later than they are posted to. Carbombs are pretty good.

Sunday. And still I am up and about to go for a run 7ish, having finally gone to be around 5. And feel great.
More, later. We've had a great time, effjay and karmen had a great wedding and seem to be enjoying themselves, and they have good friends.

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