dMv (daemonv) wrote,

There and Back Again

I 'spose... anyway, I got back safely but not terribly interested in work. More change. I sleep a lot more when I'm here, and do less. Probably boredom mixed with anxiety served over dissatisfaction. corvisdog was very very happy to see me. We did a make-up agility class yesterday, which he was good (but showing signs of having been dog-lonely). We start him on a Canine Good Citizen class tonight, although I suspect he could just pass the test as is. Yes, he will be in 3 classes simultaneously. No, I'm not taking any other classes. Yes, I am crazy -- how are you?

I bought my first Dan Brown book (Angels & Demons) at the airport because I ran out of books. It was as satisfying as a movie, similiar cost, took only slightly longer to digest, and yet I feel more dirty about having done it. Excellent books I read on the trip included A Man for All Seasons and the Laxdaela saga.

In figuring out content for Total Information Awareness tonight (6-7pm EST, wrct 88.3FM pittsburgh, 412-621-WRCT), I stumbled upon the high-heel formula. Excellent physics there.

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