dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Tartan Comic mess

I've made occasional allegations that trurl and I are not particularly impressed with the present Tartan comics editor. As it was, trustedmech is on hold based on rather unsatisfactory discussions with him -- he won't run anything that isn't 1x1, 1x2 or 1x3 ratio, and wants us to choose one of them. No longer adding our own titles or names, cause he's got a lame format for that too. As a very experimental comic, having a fixed ratio rubs Geoff the wrong way.

And it is not like the comic section has been better now than before. mhock we miss you.

I actually managed to make it to a comics meeting this year, and my impression was reenforced that, despite his standardization issues, he was not looking to increase quality. He let the crowd of rowdy underclassman dominate, and the level of humor was... sophmoric seems generous. Anyway, in particular I recall him psyching up the crowd for being completely over the top for the Natrat (the issue of the Tartan published on April Fools).

Well, that backfired. Big time. this comic was published. The present comics editor didn't review it. Apparently the Editor in Chief didn't see it until it was publicly available in hardcopy. And the public didn't like what it saw. Kappa Alpha Psi organized media coverage (top story of the 11 o'clock news) and a rally. (The issue was also frothed by the upstart Carnegie Pulse). The artist was ousted, had his address posted to, and some are calling for his explusion. The Tartan is also in deep doo-doo with the Administration and Senate, which is exactly not what they need considering... they got a $2500 special allocation for this issue, and were (by necessity) returning to the fold and being a university funded newspaper again next year. Which is good, because I hear the advertisers were none to pleased with the news coverage... (not like they were solvent /with/ advertisers, anyway)

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