dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Digital Archelogy

Summary: I'm in a melancoly mood while burning backups of the resurrected remains from my first dead laptop. Archelogy is weird and ultra-reflective. I have a near perfect snapshot of daemonv of April 29, 2000.

A couple of weeks ago, badfaerie's vaio (SR5K) lost its mind... rather, lost its modem. Apparently, this was a known bug. And from the bug description, it seemed like a potentially straightforward repair exercise. So we took my near-identical model (SR7K) -- dead already, of course, of pc card failure and then drive failure -- apart, to see how obvious it was. While we were in the mood, we also reduced my other dead vaio (505TX) to pieces.

We'll hopefully post those pictures sometime in the near future.

Anyway, in the process we removed both drives, and they have sat on my dining room table since. Until yesterday, when leko was in the process of replacing his drive, and acquired an extra -- and had a robotics club machine configured for laptop-drive mounting/backup.

Today he loaded up my two drives. The latest drive -- the one which went "click click crunch" and then the error messages started -- is toast. The bios don't recognize it,

The other drive had worked for a while -- it has a (probably literal) hole in the linux filesystem at 9.8% (fsck never recovers). I had rapidly grown tired of booting the system, with its half-opaqued, compromised LCD, into windows and mounting the ext2 filesystem. And so its sat -- last time I tried, the laptop would not respond to power, and it has now been irreversibly disassembled.

It is really weird to wander through a filesystem you had been completely intimate with for an intense year... and then freely changed your computing habits... and then got to look. Its similar but more personal than just reading old files, or old email exchanges. Anyone had a similar experience?

Sort of an interesting year. Bought the machine in April 1999, at the end of my freshman year: I remember opening the box and being amazed at it. Convincing aarons to install linux on it for the experience. Marvelling at the size and power. That machine made enough converts to the vaio platform that I considered convincing sony for a kickback. That machine travelled to Summercon 99, and Pumpcon 99, and the Galapagos Islands. Frankly, that may have been the most interesting 12 months I had in college -- and the most I used a computer (summer in the Theory Suite--cute picture of me there from then).

Ah, nostalgia.

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