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Finally saw Kill Bill Volume 1 last night. Thanks, netflix. I will likely see Volume 2 this weekend. I felt like such a poor cinephile for having missed the first one. And I feel bad about it, because I really liked it. I didn't realize how familiar I was with the homaged genres.

My dad is coming into town next weekend (April 30 - May 3). We have a reservation to go visit Falling Water on Saturday... anyone else want to come? (catwood is already in) On that Sunday morning Corvis has his (first?) Canine Good Citizen test. I'm considering having some sort of party that afternoon, for corvis, for my dad, and probably as a chance to give away a bunch of stuff (mine, and perhaps some of ommkarja's).

I didn't post much about last weekend. pietro came to town and stayed with me. It was part of the general return migration -- including excellent folk like skamille -- for CMU Carnival. Seth and the senior members of the group were teaching a tutorial at ASYNC 2004 in Crete.

I was vaguely on call during their session... which ran approximately 3am to 8am EST Monday morning. I received the first panicked phonecall at 5:30am, which killed the REM cycle I started when I went to bed at 3am (confident that everything seemed to be ok). The other long-distance issue is that they decided they wanted to submit a paper to a conference with the deadline on Wednesday. For which they wanted another batch of runs done. With broken scripts, which we mostly got working by the time they needed them, through a dozen or so international cell phone calls. Only to discover that something more low-level was broken, and the runs were invalid. Fun.

This ramble is merely left as a checkpoint for my thoughts on various other mostly-electronic relationships. It was kind of odd to talk with skamille because at this point she's just an electronic voice to me. I only vaguely knew her pre-livejournal. Now I feel like I know a great deal more about her (than I probably should), but that doesn't easily translate to a real world comfort. baddfaerie was also in town, and that was vaguely odd as well. While I knew her well the last couple of years she was here, she is a daily electronic voice and influence. But with such infrequent physical sessions, it has changed something of the nature of how I talk to her in person... I think. The last year or so she was also mostly an electronic voice, but I think the voice was more frequently and more rapidly manifested ("lets go get ice cream") and the disconnect didn't happen as much.

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