dMv (daemonv) wrote,

The "I'm not bitter" meme?

last cigerrate: never
last car ride: the drive to work
last kiss: I can't remember, unless we count corvisdog
last good cry: been a while
last library book checked out: I generally use the library for references, articles, papers.
last movie seen in the theater: Kill Bill vol. 2
last book read: Almost finished with "Bull!"
last cuss word uttered: shit
last beverage drank: water
last food consumed: banana and some raison Challah
last crush: D of Team Vanja
last phone call: 0:51 second wakeup call to ommkarja this morning
last tv show watched: Watched Disc 1 of the first season of Alias this weekend.
last time showered: after Pilates this morning
last shoes worn: my blue suede Clarks
last cd played: I don't remember. I think the last music I bought was "Take Ten" by Paul Desmond off iTunes... a while ago.
last item bought: new fitness card
last downloaded: the contents of my friends page on livejournal
last annoyance: lack of money in wallet to buy lunch
last disappointment: potentially anytime
last soda drank: I don't remember. I don't drink many sodas anymore.
last thing typed: outside the meme? passwords
last thing written: "Probably goes through tomorrow morning"
last key used: backspace
last sleep: 3am-7:30am
last weird encounter: aren't they all?
last ice cream eaten: Yesterday, Dave&Andy's, Reese's Cup
last time amused: potentially anytime. that's the great thing about being bitter and cynical.
last time wanting to die: quite some time
last time hugged: I can't remember, unless we count corvisdog
last time scolded: ommkarja about the state of my (ex-)phone
last time resentful: why would I be resentful? I'm the one who gets away with everything.
last chair sat in: office chair
last lipstick used: not for quite some time
last t-shirt worn: Orientation 98 shirt
last poster looked at: I don't remember
last show attended: My pilates instructor's improv dance performance in Garfield on Saturday

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