dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Back in the Game

I realized that if I am going to be here for a couple of months, I can still take advantage of the free classes thing. More to the point, I noticed that I am again interested in taking free classes again. I find myself amused, in particular because of the number of my friends who are interested in being done with classes as soon as possible... I am really still quite fond of them.

I looked a couple of days ago for classes that I might like to take, and found quite a number. Thought about it some. And today I sent off emails to the relevant professors. For the MBA professors, this is virtually required -- getting into the classes otherwise is troublesome; having an email from (or appears to be from) the professor saying "sure, you can take my class" makes it a very easy transaction.

But more, I have discovered that writing an email to a professor requesting permission to take the class is a good practice. I think it is a gesture the professors appreciate. And they do try to learn who their students are, to some extent, and having a crib sheet only makes that easier. But mostly, it also causes you to collect yourself and come up with a compelling reason why you think this class would be appropriate AND good for you to take. One can turn back to this query later, when the class is dominating your life, but I've found that the process alone improves the experience. Granted, it is easier when you are only taking classes for your own benefit, at your discretion, and with no real consequences. But I wonder if I would have stuck it out through Chemistry if I had to write frequent, compelling copy on why I like it.

So, I am going to try taking MBA Finance... and Russian 1.

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