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May 7th, 2004

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02:24 pm - Pop-classic-tastic
I was the team leader for a large-ish PSVN event last night. WQED hosted Andre Rieu last night at Mellon Arena, and we staffed bits of it for them. Specifically, to go to the concert you either bought tickets via Ticketmaster (starting at $35 or so) or made a pledge to WQED. (Or volunteered via PSVN... I digress). Included with your donation you were likely entitled to a CD or two. The PSVN job was to man the tables and hand out CDs for people bearing coupons. Not very hard. I led the second shift, held during the show itself -- I had eight people, and two tables, so I split the time period in half with two at each table and cycled. It was very boring -- I think each table distributed between 0 and 3 discs per shift -- because the bulk of the transactions were done before the show started (the earlier PSVN shift). In exchange for all that, we were given some of the best seats in the house (and a couple of us were given CDs).

Andre Rieu was... fun. He's very much a pop musician for the classical set, with his flashy performances, costumes, women, stage banter. He's enthusiastic, the music wasn't bad. And as cheesy as it is, it is still nice to see a good rendition of Blue Daniube followed by O Fortuna. Yeah. All the hits. You don't need to know classical music, you still knew all the tunes. I would not have paid for it, but it was a good deal. And fun experience, leading a group of random volunteers (none of them, of course, within 15 years of my age).

Otherwise, work and life have been fine. I was supposed to go live with the system on Monday, but I slipped on that to Wednesday. Wednesday I finally got things into shape to work, sent a long email. Thursday didn't hear much on that. We'll see. Its mostly done, I think, the biggest hurdle being a final appreciation for how much the SCS email system sucks.

No plans for the weekend. Or next week.

And a tip for you new but familiar livejournal friends -- LiveJournal does not notify (me?) of people who have added me as a friend. It does when you make a comment. Ergo, rather than wait for me to notice I have new readers, and then figure out who you are, say hello. Make it obscure if you like -- jump back in time and post to a dormant post. Anyway, welcome 4thfromtheleft and unreasonable.

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Date:May 7th, 2004 11:59 am (UTC)
Wow, another person that "reads" trusted mech. I really ought to get drawing again. But so much stuff to do...
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Date:May 7th, 2004 12:01 pm (UTC)
Exactly. How ever are we going to attain a status of renegade folk hero if we don't continue to publish comics.

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