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Most Likely to be Fired for "doodling"

I'm going to be evil. Otherwise, life is ok. I had managed to forget for this morning that this was not just any end of the semester. Damn.

Yesterday was the chem banquet. I got my beaker mug. It has been said that, to chem majors, the beaker mug is almost more important than the diploma. It is a KIMAX glass blown beaker-turned-mug (500 mL), which has the CMU crest on it, Chemistry Department, and then our names - all etched in. Rather than "Dan" or "Daniel", neither of which I felt described me, I had "DMV" etched. It is excellent. I'll upload pictures at some point, perhaps. Also during the banquet, Dave offered me the option to work for him month-to-month if I didn't want commitments. Hmmm. Perhaps I'll just go with one of Seth's proposed projects which would be working for the two of them.

I was also given a virtual certificate of the above subject. Fair enough. Patterson asked me at the time whether I was aware that my work was being sold on the secondary markets. Hmmm. Other than a number of problem sets and whatnot, I believe Staley is the only professor with "real" pttrnmkr "works". But its an amusing concept. And it keeps me in good spirits as I watch my latest distraction collecting dust.

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