dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Ceding Control

Total Information Awareness tonight (6pm, WRCT 88.3FM, Pittsburgh and online) will not have either bucy or myself live. John's in Nashville, and I have a PSVN thing I think I signed up before this season started (and got the date wrong). Not that hosting the show for an hour on my own is likely a good thing.

Instead, Andrew will be reading the news and doing the first 30 minutes of commentary. Then he'll be playing a special TIA/Core retrospective that I worked out with him this morning. It was fun, but only reminded me of how little production value we generally put into the show. And how much more time consuming it would be to be anything but live.

Listen anyway, I guess. The last bit will probably be put on the web anyway, because I'm amused by it.

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