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June 18th, 2004

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11:38 am - Corvis caught a squirrel, and other news.
Ok, not updating because there is too much to update about is silly. Since the last time I wrote an entry of substance, I went to my sister's graduation. I found an interior designer for my apartment, and hired a cleaning company for regular service. I've mostly been eating breathing sleeping the startup of no name yet. Summer semester 1 is almost over, I've done merely adequate based on no effort in MBA Finance, and Russian is coming along. Maybe I'll flesh out some of these things in greater detail later. Maybe not. If I don't sleep and bury myself in exciting work, I don't notice I'm alone.

Upcoming: I think I'm going to the saturday midnight showing of Seven Samurai at the Oaks Theatre in Oakmont. Anyone interested in coming? The Oaks is also presently showing Kill Bill -- not 1, not 2, but both sequentially. I'm not sure if I am yet ready for that. Neat theatre. I'm looking forward to the latest Clive Owen film, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead but it doesn't look like it will show in Pittsburgh yet.

Also Saturday includes more Frisbee, and a performance in the South Side by my Pilates teacher. effjay's friend Peter is coming to town for the next couple of days. Because he's being absorbed into CMU in the fall, and wants to check out the situation.

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Date:June 18th, 2004 06:01 pm (UTC)
Cleaning service is a good idea. :]

I'm still interested in reading the business plan someday. (no rush)

Keeping busy is indeed a good way to not notice being alone.

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