dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Quote of the morning:
I've always hated websites that cause my e-mail client to pop windows like a Jack Russel terrier.

What have I been up to? Class, Work, Startup, Social bits.

I decided yesterday to drop Russian II. As I only get out of it what I put in, I'm not getting much out of it. I am not studying for it. In the transition from an afternoon class to a morning class, and the rampup in time commitments for the startup, I no longer look forward to going. I will continue to study the language, and I am better equipped to do so now, but I won't continue this class... which is dead-ended in three weeks, anyway, because there is a mismatch between the summer courses and semester-long classes, so it would be hard to go into Russian III in the fall. I wish I had known that earlier, that the next logical time to formally continue my Russian would be next summer, unless I want to try to hack his independent study/grammar course.

Has gotten a bit more interesting lately. Now I'm developing a parser/visualization tool for a meta-FPGA language seth created on a whim. Debugging translation errors between graphviz, EPS and PDFs is less interesting. Making the compiler use SiS for logic solving is both cool and complicated.

More and more cycles go to this, and that a Good Thing. reticello flew in the weekend to scope Pittsburgh and to work on the business. Have been meeting with numerous former-exec advisors. Market research, product management, lions and tigers and bears oh my! Really good to have mdakin on board.

Social Bits
For a little bit, I was having a flurry of "datelets" -- brief meetups with online contacts -- with Beautiful People. Nothing really developed. Had a great behind the scenes Zoo tour, which I'll write up in a seperate entry -- molested by an elephant but not mauled by a lion. As startup pressure grows, the need to do something about single-status decreases. Or so I tell myself.
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