dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Ultimate Update

My Summer League team, the Royal We, has self-destructed. We were doing so well, but through injury and moving we've been reduced to a small squad. We went from top of our divison, to losing all of our cross-over games. Tonight we have a play-in game to make it to the playoffs, but I'm not optimistic: it sounds like we will be playing savage (5 men, 2 women showing up for a 5 men, 2 women game) with at least one of the players already being season-ending injured. Oh well, loads of playing time.

Have I mentioned that I am the co-commissioner of the Fall League this year? It will be excellent fun, and a fun headache for me. I'm in the process of writing code to try out a new, ubergeeky league format... I'll post more, and results, later. If you are in Pittsburgh, you really should sign up. Ask me for details, I know some of them.

And I just got an email from the captain of RUN encouraging me to come out to a practice. Hmmm. I honestly don't know whether I am fast enough to qualify yet. Maybe I'll time myself. I am a great deal faster than I think I am, I've learned this year; I now successfully defend against some of the better players on other teams, and can beat them in a cut if I don't think about it. The key to my playing, however, would be to learn that I am as tall as everyone thinks I am. I should learn how to jump.
Tags: fall league, royalwe, ultimate

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