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TIA - 4 August 2004

I apologize to anyone who caught the first half of the live remote last week. It was a dreadful situation all around.

This week on Total Information Awareness...

This week I got back into the practice of digging for relevant music content. What is relevant music content in the context of a Technology Talk-Radio show? Stuff with a technology context. The tracks I found for this week:
  • William Shatner - Common People. Spoken word version of the Pulp song, with Joe Jackson. From his upcoming Ben Folds produced record Has Been. We may also throw in his old recording of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for contrast. This is relevant because its Shatner, and because the net is a powerful leakage source...
  • Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine, the title track off her album that got shelved by Sony. I actually like the track. The open question is whether she'll try to buy the rights and release it herself. I would imagine the feedback from the leak will help in that or in encouraging Sony to put it out. They could always release it on iTunes, like U2 was prepared to do if their album leaked. iTunes is starting to become a distributor...
  • least for things like The Pixies - Bam Thwok, the first new Pixies song in ages, exclusive to iTunes, I believe. I play it for you. It is pretty classy.

  • News / Editorials.
  • The WSJ had an article today about NTSB looking to require specific black boxes in all new cars; NHTSA seems content that most (American, at least) manufacturers are already doing it.
  • Unsuprising, but more evidence that one's brain is the strength limiter. At least in weight lifting, I know, part of the trick is to go completely numeric regarding consistent increases -- or, "accidentally" try a different weight without thinking about the number. Or my comment yesterday about how much faster I am playing defense than offense.
  • More positive Acupuncture news. No, acupuncture is not able to be understood scientifically, but its effects are measurable by the same primitive standards of Western medicine. In the future, we'll understand why it works, just like we will someday be able to understand what a drug chemical will do before subjecting living organisms to it.
  • Cancer. Steve Jobs had it and looks like he lucked out getting the 1% version of pancreatic cancer that isn't always fatal, and catching it in time. Francis Crick wasn't so lucky with his colon cancer.
  • Pregnancy. Yet more questions raised about how and when gender can be controlled. And I don't think we covered handedness determinations last week.
  • Cloudspace donated by IBM to the ASF. Also, IBM says they won't leverage their patent portfolio against free software.
  • Messenger finally launched. At 2:15:56 AM EDT, within its large 12 second window. 5 billion mile, 6.5 year journey, composed of a loop around Earth, two around Venus, three around Mercury but also 15 around the sun. (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging)
  • 70% of the virii of 2004 (first half) came from an 18-year old German geek named Sven Jaschan. Who was arrested in May, from the 250K Microsoft bounty. 1157 new virii detected in July!

  • Humor. (thanks for reading)
    Smarty Jones retired for stud already! This reminds me of an excellent Lewis Black bit upon Jones' loss: "And my final winner is Smarty Jones, who crapped out in the final stretch of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. In so doing, he blew a chance to become the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown. He also cost his owners the $1 million Belmont purse, plus a $5 million bonus from Visa. So why is Smarty Jones a winner? Because he has no idea he lost. And he still gets to spend the next 15 years humping every single filly that they parade in front of him. "And as my good friend David Tidmarsh would tell you, that's spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Jon ..." (June 10)

    Does anyone use Skype? We'd like to give it a try, and give the producer(s) a workout to make it work out.
    Calls, even of non-VOIP nature, always appreciated. 412-621-WRCT.

    And more. 6-7pm EST, WRCT 88.3FM Pittsburgh.
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