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August 11th, 2004

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09:35 am - Jetplane
I like the expediency that comes with a looming trip. Despite that I will only be out of the country for 11 days, it manages to feel noteworthy to people and to be a logistic impediment. I certainly go 11 days between entries here. Or between some of the folks I am compelled to talk to.

Perhaps it is the loss of the comforting electronic leash I've blanketted myself in. I will address this theme more in the future. Right now, I know that if anyone was trying to reach me -- email, phone, AIM, in person (office, park, coffeeshop), mail -- it would go through quickly and I would have control of the response rate. Leaving the country, I leave behind my cell phone that rarely rings and the anxiety that comes with checking one's email accounts and buddy lists without effect. I know this electronic blanket is more of a negative than a positive for many things that I am trying to do and want to become.

Send me your address and I will send a postcard (or something) from Ireland.

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