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May 7th, 2002

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03:23 pm
Once you fall behind livejournal updating, it hardly seems worth catching up. Paper done, one Final gone. Everything else is relative and in flux. I slept a couple of hours (3) on the roboclub couch after falling asleep sitting up at a cluster... which I had sat at for approximately 17 hours at writing the paper.

Submitted Via Blackboard

Final Paper
Submitted by: Daniel Vogel (dmv)
Submitted on: 2002-05-07 12:57:55 PM
Comments: Attached please find my final paper. It is in Acrobat format - if Word is necessary, I will do the necessary conversion, with some regret (TeX is more fun). I became very excited by this project, and the pain of not having the proper time to submerge myself in this subject material will probably cause additional reading on my part, if not a trip to Turkey. However, I do have to graduate, which requires better time management than this paper deserves.


Incidently, my exam for that course was at 1:00:00 PM. It honestly took me longer to walk to and from the exam than to take it - and it is only a quarter of the way across campus. That's nice. Means more of my grade is based on the paper, but I feel that, although some of the writing may indicate its 6AM construction, the research is solid and more than adequately cited. I really wish I could have spent more time on this subject.

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Date:May 7th, 2002 06:39 pm (UTC)
If something interesting happened, it seems like it would be worthwhile to tell us. Of course we all have exagerated ideas of interesting means it seems. What exactly is fluxing?

Are you going to spend time in a Turkish prison?

So how long did it take for the test and travel respectively?
Date:May 8th, 2002 12:18 pm (UTC)
<ignorant question>
gotta ask -- why a Turkish prison?
Date:May 8th, 2002 12:22 pm (UTC)
Just me making poor use of my memory. Search here for "Turkish prison".
[User Picture]
Date:May 8th, 2002 04:32 pm (UTC)

Turkish Prison

The notion of a Turkish Prison is pretty well ingrained in society, though I'm not entirely sure why.

Some examples:

as geoff pointed out, airplane makes the context pretty unambigious.
alternative, this USA Today article

I think basically, however, Turkish Prison represents the extremes of prison life. An unfortunate point is that they still are not much better. Although the US isn't a particularly great point of comparison.

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