dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Greetings from Ireland

We've finally made it to Dublin, where we'll be for the rest of the trip. And this means I actually have accessible Internet cafes and a bit more space-time autonomy. Lots of email. Ireland has been lovely.

Non-travelling news.
Fall league meltdowns (the league expanded by 40% after the registration deadline...) should be interesting. Glad it will be mostly sorted by the time I'm back. Peter, my temporary housemate, also had a failure in job-obtainment-by-the-SO, so that's a mess for him too. That also will hopefully by sorted by the time I'm back. Really, everything is smooth sailing but accelerated when I get back. reticello is moving to Pittsburgh at the time, and so that means the company has to be cash-positive before he runs out of money; the league starts the Monday I get back, and hopefully there will be teams and a schedule cause we can't afford to slip; and so on. I guess I'm not taking a class in the fall.
Tags: dave b, fall league, internet cafes, ireland, reticello, travel, ultimate

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