dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Party, 5 September 2004

Unless I discover a reason not to, I am going to host a party this Sunday at my place. If you read this, you are invited. This includes you new readers (jaimelane18, susancalvin) and any previously undeclared stalkers.

Why a party?
  • Haven't had one in a while
  • There are new people (reticello, macbastard) I'd like to introduce to my network
  • People wanted me to take pictures in Ireland

  • The base theme with be the return from Ireland, as this provides an excuse to stock up on Guiness, and deal with the bottle of Irish Whiskey I brought back. I'll run a slideshow or something. I probably need additional content -- I am open to suggestions.

    I think I throw pretty good parties. You should come. Email me if you need directions or a way to get there.
    Tags: dave b, ireland, macbastard, party, reticello

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