dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Ask and ye receive...

The radio show... went ok. Based on evidence I provided, the Commission of Fall League cancelled the games tonight in spite of a "Play your games regardless" policy (invoking the Acts of God exclusion).

I asked susancalvin whether she'd teach me to play poker... and mere hours later had me sitting around a table with a group of people, chips, and way too many game nuances floating through my head. I think of it not that I lost (about half initial investment) but that I got a very cheap education. susancalvin rocks.

I signed up to run in the 5K Pretty Good Race (Friday). We'll see how that goes -- I believe I am in better shape than last year, and I completed it then (albeit a miserable completion time). My running shoes remained locked up in my garage. The garage is filled with all of reticello's stuff. Did I mention that in the week between loading it and his return to Pittsburgh, the lock stopped working? I already used it as an excuse to buy new cleats. Fortunately, I fear more the damage of running in shoes acquired within two days of race more than either using my superold running shoes or ruining the gym-only status of my crosstrainers.
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