dMv (daemonv) wrote,

I have blisters on my... feetsies.

I did not skip out of the race. Despite a very tight right hamstring, I ran the whole thing pretty effectively. I don't know my time, and I could have done better, but I suspect it was a significant improvement over last year. Not as much as I might have imagined, though, because it became obvious that with all my training for sprinting and quicker reactions (ultimate-relevant), I am not much better at distance. The big downside to the race, as I ran it, was that old sneakers mean that the blood rushing from my heart after the last sprint went directly into the blisters that had formed on the soles of my feet. Lovely blisters.

And Thursday I was reminded that I had committed via PSVN to the National Aviary's Feathered Jewels Gala (fundraiser with plates starting at $250). Their page is down (and reverted) and I don't see any news coverage, but the Post-Gazette does list it as a top place to be Seen. It was fun, although less fun being on my feet an additional 4 hours post-race. Maybe I will write up more about that later.

Oh, right. I put up some pictures.

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