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natural high

Trying to concentrate in office, I decided to try physical coersion. Curious about how accurate my feeling of decent fitness is, I decided to measure it. Found the Air Force ROTC fitness test, tried it (except the running... I'm pretty sure I can do 1.5 miles of track in under 9 minutes), passed the maxes easily. Especially the crunches -- go go pilates. Interesting.

Last week was pretty rough. Friday night I tried this drinking thing that everyone talks about, but saturated on my interest in drinking alcohol before I became very buzzed. (I won't enumerate, but it was a lot). Saturday night, after a day of working (9:30am call from seth), I tried fortifying myself through exercise, which was far more satisfying and buzz-inducing (the steam room->cold shower after is great). Granted, I also felt it a great deal more the next morning. Fortunately, everything is better now.
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