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I lent out one of my babies, one of my guitars, to Tracy last night. She's been trying to learn, but the guitar she was learning on was recalled by owner. Rather than watch her drop hard earned money on a crappy guitar, I figured I could use it as a chance to let one of my neglected babies get cleaned up and admired again. She'll either use the opportunity of playing on a high quality instrument to motivate and develop... or abandon the hobby after a little, as many of her hobbies go. Starting with an instrument that won't be a limitation might help keep her at it. I really should trying playing more. It was great to take them out -- I'm not sure they've been out of their cases since I moved here (more than two years ago). And they really are gorgeous instruments. I'm such a fiend for getting exactly the right tool for me.

Oh right, did any of you even know I owned or played guitar? I started around age 13, was in a band through high school. We played some shows, did some recording -- all originals. I took lessons for most of that time, which culminated in a week-long intensive at Berklee... which, mixed starting at CMU, was when I stopped playing. During that time, I was a complete and utter guitar geek -- recognizing make-model-year by little glimpses, etc. I also lived with guitarlust (and the associated gearlust), and about every 18 months needed a new one. Until I had the right one. For me, those are my electric, a mid-90s Gibson Nighthawk SP3 (picture) and my acoustic-electic, an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe (probably this). sigh
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