dMv (daemonv) wrote,

TIA, 22 September 2004

This week on Total Information Awareness (yes, I know I promised a blog by this week, but work accelerated -- and most importantly, work accelerated around some web scripts and so I just couldn't be motivated to work on Yet More HTML this weekend):

Music -- a bit of Cat Stevens is probably in order, for his attempted flight... apparently he was on both a "watch" and a "do not fly" list, and yet it wasn't til the air that they determined he was on the plane. Go TSA.

  • Consoles. Pricing and availability announced for Nintendo DS and the shocking new PS2.
  • Firewall company Securepoint has offered Sven Jaschan, who is reported to be responsible for more than 70 percent of viruses in the first half of this year, a position. Accused for Sasser, attributed for Netsky, mocked with a picture in the latest MyDoom. Securepoint makes Firewall & VPN appliances, as well as TrendMicro and Sophos antiviral programs.
  • Microsoft shares Office code with governments.
  • "Ireland To Block Calls to 13 Countries To Counter Internet Scams"
  • Space: the Mars Rovers have funding to continue. NASA got $200M more than Bush asked for for next year. Invasion Iowa. INVASION IOWA! KHHHAAAANNNNN!
  • Opiate-free poppies... where's the fun in that?

  • Bug of the Week
    As I said in my Memestreams post, clearly it is the Kryponite lock snafu. Can we say snafu on the radio?
    Tags: memestreams, radio roundup, radio show, total information awareness, wrct

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