dMv (daemonv) wrote,

TIA, 29 September 2004

This week on Total Information Awareness (6-7pm EST, on WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, 412-621-WRCT)...

  • Amazon and Microsoft sue Canadian Phisher.
  • Maybe we'll talk about Nauru.
  • A new theory in Nature about the hum of the earth.
  • Yahoo finally gets it about RSS and Atom. MyYahoo becomes a bit more compelling.
  • Another bit of net culture research finding a result we already knew: at least 50% of online Viagra (or V|4G^RA) may be fake.
  • Adobe DNG.
  • Microsoft released more open source code to sourceforge -- a wiki.
  • BlueGene/L hits 36.01 TFlops.

  • Space
  • Virgin Galactic, duh.
  • The situation with oxygen becomes more defined and more dire, especially with another delay in launching the next Soyuz
  • Just in time for SpaceShipOne launching the first part of its bid for the X-Prize, the next Big Space Prize: $50M for orbital maneuvering and reentry. More Details coming.

  • Music
    I think we'll spend the a few minutes with the latest flash meme jingle, courtesy of susancalvin. Any other requests?
    Tags: radio roundup, radio show, total information awareness, wrct

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